Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals in Fremont, CA The Lavatory

Fremont Restroom trailer rentals

When preparing for a big event there are an endless number of tasks to consider. Among these is the often overlooked necessity of proper restrooms for the guests. If you are hosting an event at a venue in or near Fremont, CA without restrooms then our luxury trailer rentals may be just what you need.

At The Lavatory, we aim to elevate the experience of your event goers by providing high end luxury restroom trailers, along with a variety of amenities and services. Our goal is to provide a spacious and comfortable environment, as opposed to the traditional porta potties you will often see, with their questionable cleanliness and even worse smells. With our trailers, you will get an experience to rival any at home restroom, and this type of high end service is sometimes just what your event needs.

Contact us today with any concerns or further questions, and we will be delighted to create the perfect restroom experience for you. By choosing from our 2 station, 5 station, and 9 station trailers we can customize your event and the services we provide for as many or as few guests as necessary.