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Our main bathroom trailer yard is located in Fresno, CA. Restroom trailers are ready to roll for any event or need.

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Luxury restroom trailers are a must have for any outdoor event. Our trailers have all the amenities of home that your guests will need. The Lavatory can provide two-, five-, or nine-station luxury bathroom trailers for your event or job site in Fresno, California.

Guests and employees will be pleasantly surprised—and even amazed—at the comfort and attractiveness of the interior of our luxury portable restrooms. These trailers are compact enough to fit into tight locations while still offering guests and employees everything they need to relieve and refresh themselves.

Trailers feature air conditioning, porcelain toilets, stainless steel sinks, well-lit mirrors, and even framed artwork! They provide hotel-level restroom facilities in mobile form.

Before you get too far down the road of planning an outdoor event or equipping a construction site in Fresno, California, contact The Lavatory. We can advise you on the type of temporary restroom facilities you need to accommodate the number of guests or employees you anticipate will need to use them.

Another critical consideration is ADA compliance. Your private event or your job site should meet all the requirements for including persons with disabilities. We offer ADA-compliant mobile restroom trailers with ramps and the necessary space and interior features to provide comfortable bathroom facilities for wheelchair users or who use other types of mobility aids.

When lots of folks come to Fresno to enjoy festivals and fairs, The Lavatory is there to provide luxury restroom trailers that can accommodate up to 900 people or 50 employees. We service private and corporate events, job sites, or institutions that need temporary restroom facilities during renovations or expansions.

Because our main bathroom trailer yard is in Fresno, CA, restroom trailers are ready to roll for any event or need.

Contact us anytime for your restroom trailer needs in Fresno and Clovis.