Luxury Restroom Trailers in Clovis, CA

Clovis Luxury Restroom Trailer

Many event venues in the Clovis area do not have bathrooms for their guests. You have an option of either renting gross porta potties or luxury restroom trailers. Most people are familiar with porta potties from fairs or construction sites, but those do not fit well with a classy wedding. Our luxury bathroom trailers have air conditioning, porcelain toilets, and all the amenities of home. These are perfect for any elegant event.

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We’re in Clovis all the time with our luxury portable restroom trailers. We’re involved with Big Hat days, the Balloon festival, and even Clovis Community Hospital. When there is a party, we’re there to help! Our outdoor luxury bathroom trailers are ready to work at your venue and will impress your guests.

Summer in Clovis and across the San Joaquin Valley can be excessively hot. Our air-conditioned luxury restroom trailers provide a place for your guests or service employees to cool off and refresh themselves before venturing back outside to enjoy or work at your event.

Guests who don’t know what to expect from your outdoor event will be immensely relieved, even delighted, when they enter a luxury bathroom trailer rented from The Lavatory. With porcelain toilets that flush with foot pedals to keep things more sanitary, stainless-steel sinks, and well-lighted mirrors, these trailers evoke the comfort of a hotel event bathroom for your outdoor party, wedding, or corporate event.

We offer 2-station, 5-station, or 9-station luxury portable restrooms in Clovis, California. Let us help you choose the right mobile bathroom trailer for your event based on the number of people you expect.

You can also rest assured that your job site or corporate event will comply with ADA requirements when you rent an ADA restroom trailer from The Lavatory. These come with ramps and all the necessary accommodations for persons in wheelchairs or those with other types of limited mobility.

Before your next event, or when you need to set up bathroom accommodations for a construction or remodeling site, contact The Lavatory to discuss your needs. We also offer combo trailers that include showers as well as laundry trailers for job sites that require employees to remain on-site for weeks at a time. Glamping companies use our trailers to provide luxury restroom facilities for their clients. When you need mobile restroom facilities in Clovis, California, that will fit on your site and serve the number of guests or employees you expect will need them, give us a call.