What To Look For When Renting Laundry Trailers

What To Look For When Renting Laundry Trailers

Serving the needs of festival attendees, homeless persons, disaster victims, and workers displaced by renovations requires detailed planning. Part of that planning should include accommodating the need for personal hygiene, including clean clothing. Renting laundry trailers can make a substantial difference to the comfort and dignity of people in need of temporary laundry facilities. Here’s what to look for when renting laundry trailers.

Capacity and Cleanliness

A portable laundry trailer must provide enough washers and dryers to avoid crowding, lines, and wait times. Be sure to check how many washers and dryers the trailer offers.

Ask to see detailed diagrams and photos that show the interior layout of the trailer. Inquire about how the rental company maintains the machines, including how often they are cleaned and the method of cleaning them to ensure they are spotless and sanitized when delivered.


No one wants to do laundry in dim lighting. Users need to be able to see which garments may need pre-treatment or sort clothing by color or fabric. When the dry cycle is finished, good lighting helps get things sorted and ensures that there won’t be mix-ups.

Climate Control

Laundry rooms can get hot and steamy, and when the weather outside is cold and snowy, they can be chilly. One of the most important things to look for when renting laundry trailers is climate control. The trailer should have both heat and air conditioning powerful enough to make the interior comfortable even when the weather outside is less than ideal.

Folding Tables

Anyone who has used a communal laundry space has had the disheartening experience of returning to take clothes out of the dryer, only to find their load unceremoniously dumped, still damp, onto an adjacent dryer. Folding tables discourage the practice, causing the unscrupulous dryer dumper to at least choose a clean surface on which to deposit clothing prematurely removed from a dryer.

For those whose clothing made it through a full cycle, the folding table allows quick unloading, making the dryer available for others. A folding table also gives people a place to fold their clothes, letting them get it done carefully and neatly rather than quickly and sloppily.


Some clothing gets so soiled that it needs a soak or a rinse before you’d be willing to put it in a washer along with your other garments. A laundry sink affords the chance to rinse out stains before they set, and it gets loose mud or dirt off work clothes before you load them into a washer.

Make a list of all the things to look for when renting laundry trailers so you’re prepared to make a good decision about the type and number of mobile laundry units you’ll need. In Central and Northern California, call The Lavatory with any questions you have and for a quote on laundry trailer rentals.