5 Reasons To Rent a Combination Shower/Bathroom Trailer

5 Reasons To Rent a Combination Shower/Bathroom Trailer

Renting a combination shower and bathroom trailer is an excellent option for many applications. Renting a combination shower and bathroom trailer offers several benefits, whether you need temporary accommodations for guest workers or emergency services personnel, or simply want to provide your guests with extra comfort during outdoor events. Here are just a few of the top reasons to rent a combination shower and bathroom trailer.

Increased Privacy

Combination units feature maximum privacy, which is a win for guests regardless of event or reason. This added privacy is perfect for large events where guests want to be away from a crowd, such as weddings or business gatherings. The separate rooms provide plenty of space for changing clothes and taking showers, and the trailer itself is easily relocatable to any area.

Comfortable Accommodations

The features offered in a combination shower and bathroom trailer make them comfortable for guests regardless of needs. These units feature climate control, running hot and cold water, plenty of ventilation, and luxurious, modern interior amenities such as white China toilets, vanities, and LED lighting. All these features provide a more comfortable experience, which can make a huge difference during events or in emergency circumstances.

Portable and Convenient

Unlike traditional bathrooms, combination shower and bathroom trailers are easy to move from one place to another. This portability makes them perfect for outdoor events that require extra accommodation or in situations where permanent facilities are inaccessible. Additionally, they don’t require any installation or plumbing, making them particularly convenient for emergency needs and disaster relief.

Cost Savings

Renting a combination unit can save you money in the long run. You can save significant amounts of money and time by avoiding expensive construction costs, such as those associated with traditional bathrooms. These rental trailers service a variety of applications, including short-term and long-term periods, meaning you can customize the terms and conditions around what suits your needs and budget.

Clean and Sanitary

One of the top reasons to rent a combination shower and bathroom trailer is due to their effortless sanitation demands. With their own private plumbing systems, you can keep the water contained within them and reduce exposure to any potential bacteria in the immediate area. Our manufacturer designed each trailer with easy cleaning in mind, making them a great choice for any event.

Look no further than The Lavatory when it comes to your combo rental units. We follow the industry’s highest standards for sanitization and accommodation in each of our mobile shower trailers. We offer short- and long-term rentals and emergency services solutions. Partner with us today to receive your rental estimate!