4 Tips To Keep Your Restroom Trailer Clean

4 Tips To Keep Your Restroom Trailer Clean

Restroom trailers are great for serving large crowds when permanent facilities are questionable. They provide much-needed convenience and comfort for guests. However, when not properly maintained, portable restroom trailers can become unsanitary. So how do you keep your restroom trailer clean and in good condition throughout an event? Here are a few tips that can help you keep your restroom trailer clean and safe for everyone to use.

Regularly Empty Waste Containers

The first step in keeping your restroom trailer clean is to regularly empty the waste containers. This includes all the sinks, urinals, and toilets. Having full waste containers will make your restroom trailer more difficult to clean and can also become a hazard. You’ll also give users a bitter taste in their mouths if waste containers spill over with previous users’ used paper products. So don’t skip this pointer.

Use Quality Cleaning Products

It’s important to use quality cleaning products for your restroom trailer. Make sure to use products specifically for use in restrooms, and be sure to follow all label instructions. Using the wrong cleaning product could damage or discolor surfaces in your restroom trailer and leave unwanted germs behind.

Commercialized cleaning and sanitization products help reduce the spread of germs and give the fixtures a nice shine. The restroom attendant that accompanies your trailer may assist in this effort to relieve the burden on hosts or planners.

Clean the Exterior

Don’t forget to clean the exterior of your restroom trailer. This is one of the best tips for keeping your restroom trailer clean on the interior as well. Dirt, dust, and other debris can quickly accumulate on the outside of a restroom trailer over time, making it look unsightly and unappealing.

The grime can find its way inside the trailer with each user coming and going. Use a mild detergent or cleaning solution to remove any dirt or debris from the exterior of your rental, and consider spending time ensuring the surrounding area remains relatively clean and safe.

Post Signs and Reminders

Finally, consider posting signs in your restroom trailer that remind users to practice good hygiene. This could include signs that tell people to properly wash their hands or even a sign asking them to keep the area clean. These small steps can go a long way in helping keep your restroom trailer clean and safe for everyone to use.

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