Benefits of Renting ADA-Compliant Portable Restrooms

Benefits of Renting ADA-Compliant Portable Restrooms

After planning an event and securing your restroom rentals, you may question whether you did enough. Accommodating everyone is challenging, but getting an ADA-compliant restroom can seal the deal. Here’s a look at the advantages of renting one or more ADA-compliant toilets.

Reduced Trip and Fall Risks

One of the primary safety benefits of renting ADA-compliant portable restrooms is the reduced risk of falling or tripping. It’s not uncommon for standard restroom rentals to include steps, an incline, or a ledge that guests must use to enter or exit the restroom. With an ADA-compliant unit, the trailer rests flush on solid ground, eliminating the lifted entry or exit.

This doesn’t just benefit guests in wheelchairs; seniors and children will also appreciate this effort. While you may still rent and use standard restroom rentals, the option of an ADA-compliant unit can divert traffic to the most feasible restroom for people’s mobility needs.

Improved Guest Comfort

Throwing a successful event requires you to accommodate everyone. This means you must consider all comfortability measures and how much of a role using the restroom plays in comfort.

Investing in an ADA-compliant restroom, in addition to standard restroom trailers, allows you to cover all your bases and accommodate a wide range of guests. The reality is that you’ll never know for sure the mobility limits or needs of all your guests, so offering both options can ensure everyone is comfortable.

More Family-Friendliness

For large events, you know that renting an additional ADA-compliant portable restroom benefits families of all sizes and shapes significantly. Specifically, those who bring their buggies or strollers to the event will struggle to get in or out of standard restroom rentals. This could exclude these guests from the restroom facility altogether.

The ADA-compliant unit is flush with the ground, making it family friendly for those traveling with a stroller or something similar. Additionally, families with multiple children benefit from larger restrooms since everyone can enter at once. The potential chaos for caregivers sees a reduction.

Increased Room Capabilities

From family needs to emergency wardrobe malfunctions, a larger restroom always doubles as a great changing room. Offering your guests this luxury is a great way to enhance their comfort for various needs and circumstances.

Whether a mom needs to change a kiddo’s outfit after an accident or an adult wants to change their outfit to increase their comfort, they can. The ADA-compliant restroom offers the space necessary to achieve these needs. Investing in an additional ADA-compliant bathroom ensures a limited-mobility guest has full access without waiting for someone to change their clothes.

The Lavatory offers ADA-compliant luxury restroom trailer rentals with modern amenities and ample space. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our selection and availability.