Why It’s Important To Book Your Portable Restrooms Early

Why It’s Important To Book Your Portable Restrooms Early

Event planning is stressful, and details often get left out, intentionally and unintentionally. Don’t let one of those details be restrooms. We talk about why it’s important to book your portable restrooms early so you don’t have unhappy eventgoers and a long line at a two-station unit.

Vendor Flexibility and Availability

The minute you know you need portable restrooms of any size, contact vendors to check dates and availability so you can receive the units you need. You also want the assurance of all the extras, including 24/7 customer support and a restroom attendant. While these things may be available regardless of when you book, reserving the restroom units early allows the vendor to align their schedule accordingly.

Generally, three months out from the scheduled event is the ideal time to place the availability call. But you should finalize the restroom trailer with a final user count a month or more in advance so the vendor can fulfill your needs based on the event’s parameters.

Meeting Event Attendance Demands

In order to ensure your event sanitation is ideal for all guests, you must provide the vendor with as many details as possible. Location, headcount, and ADA accommodations determine the units you need. If the team you need is elsewhere, the vendor will have enough time and space to create a plan of action that works for everyone.

You risk putting the vendor in an uncomfortable position if you call two days before an event and the unit you need is already in use. The vendor’s ability to provide the appropriate restrooms for your event is one of the most important reasons to book your portable restrooms early.

Procrastination May Result in No Restrooms

Vendors understand that emergencies happen and factor this into their operations with emergency response restrooms and disaster relief units. But procrastinating the restroom rental for a planned event is the fastest way to ensure no bathrooms are available or the ones you receive are not ideal for the event’s capacity. If you’re expecting 900 or more guests and only have a two-station trailer meant for 150, the lines will be incredibly long, and you risk uncleanliness.

Here at The Lavatory, we understand life happens, and it’s not always black and white. Give us a call today to reserve your luxury portable bathrooms for your planned event, and let our team do the work from there. If you’re experiencing an emergency, contact our 24/7 emergency hotline, and we’ll be in touch.