Quick Guide to Setting Up Your Laundry Trailer

Quick Guide to Setting Up Your Laundry Trailer

Making the excellent decision to rent mobile amenities for events or gatherings comes with the unique responsibility of set up, operation, and removal. Not everything will fall into your lap, even if you rent from a reputable service provider. Understanding the basics of the initial setup can help you ensure a smooth operation. In this quick guide, we explore correctly setting up your laundry trailer rental so that users can enjoy the experience and your rental period proceeds without a hiccup.

Choose a Location

Finding the right spot for your mobile laundry unit is essential for ensuring you get the most out of the rental. Partner with the service provider if you’re unsure about ideal locations and walk the area to discover potential hindrances that will impact where you place the rental.

You want all users to have ample access to the units; otherwise, you defeat the purpose of investing in a rental. Avoid areas with high vehicle traffic to keep the general area safe, and consider nearby electrical or water sources when choosing the final location.

Gather Necessary Supplies

Once you’ve nailed down the best location for your mobile laundry units, it’s time to gather the necessary supplies. You can encourage your guests to use their personal laundry supplies to avoid the possibility of running out in the units. If you know users may not have personal laundry provisions, consider stocking the laundry trailer with things such as laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets.

Wool dryer balls also contribute to faster drying times and a decrease in chemical usage overall; consider supplying these materials to users who prefer them. These amenities are especially beneficial if you are establishing your mobile laundry unit at a disaster relief site or outreach location for unhoused individuals. These users may need your supplies to properly clean their belongings.

Manage Your Laundry Trailer

Once you complete the initial setup for the laundry unit, you can shift your focus to managing the trailer and ensuring everyone’s convenience. Keep an eye on laundry supplies so that you can restock as needed and monitor any delays in moving belongings in and out of machines. You don’t want guests leaving their things unattended and holding up the line. Manage the laundry unit to maintain its intent of being a beneficial resource to users.

With this quick guide to setting up mobile laundry trailers, you can bring relief to those in need. Ensure smooth operations and a professional rental agreement by partnering with The Lavatory today. We offer full-size washers and dryers with commercial capacity limits, climate-controlled units, short- and long-term contracts, and emergency response agreements. Contact us today to get a quote!