What Makes Restroom Trailers ADA Compliant?

What Makes Restroom Trailers ADA Compliant?

Restroom trailers are a popular option for large events, construction sites, or locations without permanent facilities. Trailers offer the convenience of having on-site bathrooms without the cost of permanent fixtures. But did you know that restroom trailers must meet ADA standards? It can be confusing trying to understand what makes one trailer compliant and another not. Here, we will cover what makes restroom trailers ADA-compliant and provide tips for selecting a compliant trailer.

What Is ADA Compliance?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all public restrooms must be accessible to those with disabilities. In this case, accessibility means that the doorways should be wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs, stalls should have grab bars, and the sinks should be low enough for those in wheelchairs. In addition to these requirements, all restroom trailers must also meet certain ADA standards to be compliant.

What Makes Restroom Trailers ADA Compliant?

You will want to look for restroom trailers that are ADA-compliant when shopping for them. The trailer you choose should have at least one wheelchair-accessible stall and sink. This stall should be wide enough for a wheelchair to fit comfortably, and it should have grab bars installed on the walls. The sink must be low enough for those in wheelchairs to use, and there must be handrails along the inside of the trailer.

In addition to these requirements, restroom trailers must include several other features to meet compliance standards. All faucets and fixtures should have lever handles rather than knobs or buttons, and the doors should open outwards to allow for easier access. The flooring should also be non-slip and free of any obstacles that could impede a wheelchair user’s path.

Tips for Selecting an ADA-Compliant Restroom Trailer

You will want to ensure the restroom trailer is ADA-compliant and that the rental company can accommodate your location’s setup within the compliance standards when selecting a trailer for your event, job site, or other demand.

Keep the following tips in mind when making your restroom trailer selection:

  • Confirm the trailer’s wheelchair accessibility standards.
  • Confirm the sinks feature levers instead of knobs.
  • Ensure the floor is free and clear of obstacles preventing wheelchair flow.
  • Check the stability of the grab bars.

By understanding what makes a restroom trailer ADA-compliant, you can make an informed and impactful selection for your event or gathering site. Meeting and respecting the needs of all your event staff and guests when entertaining or hosting them is crucial so you can maintain public health and safety standards without risking fines from local authorities.

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