Considerations When Renting Mobile Laundry Trailers

Considerations When Renting Mobile Laundry Trailers

After making the decision to invest in a mobile laundry trailer for your community, there are several things you must keep in mind. Whether you supply the community with soap or leave the provisions to the laundry trailer, every consideration is worth spending time on. Below we discuss a few things to keep in mind when it comes to these laundry rentals.

The Intent Behind Your Mobile Laundry Rental

Establishing the purpose of your rental can help you better understand how to prepare the units and draw clear user expectations. These mobile laundry trailer considerations should not go overlooked because you risk dissatisfaction, safety issues, or improper setup without these core pieces of information.

Various communities and purposes call for a mobile laundry unit, such as emergency disaster relief, relief to a community without stable housing, or large living communities where shared appliances are inaccessible. In each of these examples, the way you make the mobile units accessible and the provisions provided may vary based on user intention.

The Timing of The Rental

Depending on when you request the rental or make the reservation, you may be able to get a special rate. The terms and conditions of the rented unit are outlined to you before, during, and after the use of the facility, and the rental company will help you understand them. If you are planning the rental compared to renting for an emergency, the weekday and long-term rates are more appealing and are worth factoring into your rental needs.

Will You Offer Laundry Provisions?

Once you understand the clear intent and user demand, you can decide on the type of provisions you will have. Sometimes, you may request that users bring their laundry supplies, such as soap, dryer sheets, or baskets. But in the case of supporting those without stable housing, you may create care packages for these individuals to not only participate in active laundering but launder their belongings with the appropriate supplies.

Another consideration is stocking the mobile laundry trailer with shared supplies and including a small list of guidelines to ensure everyone maintains the respect needed to keep these supplies accessible to as many users as possible.

The Lavatory Can Help

The Lavatory features modernly designed laundry trailer rentals suitable for all communal needs and accommodations. We understand the importance of public sanitation in various forms, from restrooms to showers and laundry facilities. Our mobile laundry trailers feature eight fully-functioning washers and dryers with climate control, spatial accommodations, a user-friendly sink basin, and a large water tank. Partner with us today to reserve your trailer or learn about our emergency preparedness services.