Essential Sanitation Equipment for Your Next Outdoor Event

Essential Sanitation Equipment for Your Next Outdoor Event

Public health and safety at events require proper sanitation measures. Regardless of an event’s purpose or location, things like restrooms and showers are necessary for public safety. Here, we discuss a few types of essential sanitation equipment so that you can support your next outdoor event with adequate provisions.

ADA-Compliant Mobile Restrooms

ADA-compliant mobile restrooms are a significant feature for outdoor events and proper hosting. These units allow adequate space for attendees to use the restroom without worrying about how they’ll get in or out of the units. You may need to invest in multiple styles of restroom trailers to cut down on ADA-compliant unit usage.

It’s a disservice to your guests if the line at the ADA trailer is too long, holding up those who truly need it. Instead, consider renting multi-stall trailers with standard features and a few ADA-compliant restrooms to accommodate everyone easily.

Mobile Shower Units

The type of outdoor event you’re planning will indicate whether mobile shower units are suitable for you. Chances are, these will come in handy more than you realize, so go ahead and invest in an appropriate number of mobile shower trailers according to your event’s attendance demands.

Portable showers allow guests access to essential sanitation equipment without worrying about basic hygiene habits. It’s vital to make all guests aware of these provisions so that they can bring all the supplies they enjoy when taking care of themselves. But also consider stocking these units with ample paper goods and sanitation accessories, such as soaps or linens.

Mobile Laundry or Changing Facilities

Accompanying mobile shower units with portable laundry provisions serves a twofold purpose. First, the laundry can support the shower trailer linens while giving guests the ability to wash their belongings. Putting dirty garments on a clean body would defeat the purpose of a shower. So a mobile laundry unit is an essential piece of sanitation equipment for an outdoor event that’ll round out the experience.

When users finish in the shower trailers, event workers or hosts can use the laundry facility to wash all the provided linens in one place and restock the showers in a timely manner. This creates a fully functioning sanitation system at an event, offering each attendee and worker access to basic amenities.

Ample Trash Receptacles

Completing any event with adequate trash receptacles creates a cleaner space for all. Scatter the receptacles around the event space and add several near your sanitation station to allow users a defined area to go for all their needs. Proper sanitary measures only go so far without event space sanitation, so don’t be afraid to over-invest in trash receptacles.

The Lavatory’s Sanitation Solutions

The Lavatory specializes in modern and fully functioning sanitation equipment. We can equip your outdoor event with restrooms, showers, and laundry units, ensuring every guest’s experience is memorable and safe. Request your custom quote with our team today!