How To Choose the Right Portable Restroom Service

How To Choose the Right Portable Restroom Service

Regardless of your event and intent, partnering with the right vendors is a critical step in event success and guest satisfaction. Things like food, sanitation, and entertainment come together and create an experience worth remembering for everyone who attends. Choosing the wrong partnership could cost you negative reviews and next year’s attendance. Here, we explore how to select the right portable restroom service to satisfy everyone’s personal needs and habits.

Key Rental Considerations

Determining your rental needs can help you create a specific plan of action when finding the right service provider. Things such as event type, location, and the area’s weather all matter when you’re renting portable restrooms. Once you understand these baseline rental considerations, you and a selected vendor can work together to find the most suitable rental option for the event and the location.

Event Attendance

Knowing how many people will attend your event is often a shot in the dark. However, if you hosted this same event last year, try using those final head counts as temporary guidelines for this year’s event. If the event involves an in-depth invite list, such as a wedding or personal party, use the RSVPs for inventory. Alternatively, if you sell tickets for the event, use ticket sales as your baseline.

While these attendance numbers will always fluctuate when the event occurs, you want to err on the side of caution with a portable restroom rental. Generally, you need one restroom unit with two stations per 150 guests.


It’s vital to consider the location of your event and the location of the units at the event. Units should be accessible to all guests, and the right portable restroom service can help you understand these details. It would do the event and your guests a disservice to place the restroom trailer a half-mile walk from the main attraction. If access to a water source is an issue, the right vendor may have a solution that will allow you to place the units in the most convenient location.

Weather Patterns

You must factor the event’s season into your planning and rental considerations. Fully functioning luxury porta potty rentals feature climate control settings for optimal guest comfort. This is especially important for high-heat summer events, as guests will appreciate air conditioning while using the restroom. Using a cramped space without airflow or cool air can trigger guests in a variety of ways, in addition to creating a potential health hazard. Therefore, be mindful of the weather when investing in rental services and ensure you get portable restrooms with temperature-accommodating features.

Characteristics of a Quality Service

Now that we’ve explained how to configure your rental considerations, let’s dive into the different characteristics of a quality vendor. When choosing the right portable restroom service, know that a quality provider will honor the rental considerations and satisfy the event and all its guests with ease. Reliability, standards, and availability will play a role in this selection.


The reliability of your restroom partner is a high priority. Not only is reliability a factor in communication, but you need to know that if your event takes an unexpected turn, the supplier can pivot and adjust where necessary. For example, maybe your budget is already tight, and you need one less rental. The vendor should have no problem reducing your trailer count.

In contrast, sometimes event attendance fluctuates, and you decide on the second day of the event that you need an additional rental. A reliable, reputable vendor will understand the importance of proper sanitation and deliver additional trailers per the new demand. Regardless of circumstances, a reliable vendor is a top priority before you finalize your selection.

Cleanliness Standards

Another considerable concern for you as a host and for all your guests is the cleanliness standards of the vendor. It’s essential to remember these rentals travel around and support a wide range of applications. When a restroom trailer returns to its home base, there should be a standardized cleaning procedure to ensure they are properly disinfected and sanitized before a new rental occurs.

Without these standards in place, the rentals pose a significant health risk to the next renter and the guests who rely on the trailer. Feel free to ask the supplier what their cleaning process is for peace of mind before agreeing to work with them.

Selection Availability

During the initial selection process, feel free to ask the vendor about their general selection availability details. If they typically run out of trailers or are struggling to fill your event dates, this might be your best indication to consider looking for a different supplier.

A reputable and reliable vendor will have the means to support your event, even if they have to contract a trailer from a third party. If there is an issue with overlapping bookings or availability, they will also steer you in the right direction to find a suitable solution for your event.

Rental Selection and How To Choose

Various rental options are available, and choosing the right one is incredibly important. Your selected vendor can help you make the most appropriate decision for the rental type, but it’s worth understanding the options available, so you make an informed decision.

Additionally, it’s easy to schedule a few standard porta potties for any event. However, these units typically don’t cover basic sanitation demands and lack the necessary coverage to run a well-organized event.

ADA-Compliant Trailers

ADA-compliant trailers at any event foster an inclusive environment and equip everyone with the ability to access and use the restroom. These trailers are vital when you don’t know the type of crowd you’re expecting because they ensure you meet everyone’s needs. ADA-compliant trailers sit flush with the ground, so guests in wheelchairs can help themselves, or those with limited mobility can avoid a tripping hazard. These trailers also feature broader spatial accommodations and extra railing and comply with the California ADA guidelines.

Handwashing Measures

Handwashing is a critical component of a safe event and healthy guests. If you rent luxury portable restrooms, you guarantee every user has access to running hot or cold water and the necessary paper goods to accompany handwashing. You must factor this into your rental needs, as this is a primary feature of basic public sanitation.

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How To Choose the Right Portable Restroom Service

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