Benefits of Mobile Laundry Trailers for Sports Complexes

Benefits of Mobile Laundry Trailers for Sports Complexes

It might not have crossed your mind to add a mobile laundry trailer to a sports complex. However, the benefits of doing so support all parties, from parents and coaches to athletes and complex staff. Not only is washing uniforms a tricky game for parents or coaches, but finding ways to keep the team ready for competition becomes difficult when away from home. We cover the advantages of mobile laundry for all sports complexes here.

Athlete Accommodations

Athletes competing at a sports complex may come from all over the country and rely on accommodations near the park. But sometimes, because multiple teams rely on these facilities, it isn’t always financially or physically feasible for athletes to use a hotel or laundromat without running into crowds or long wait times.

When a sports complex can arrange on-site mobile laundry units, this creates full athlete ease between competitions. The athletes can launder their belongings and compete in clean uniforms. Investing in multiple uniform sets is relatively common, but it’s also expensive. Therefore, laundering one uniform is ideal.

Additionally, asking the athlete (depending on age) to remember all their uniform variations can be challenging. When they have access to a laundry facility without needing to leave the complex, these issues are resolvable for athletes, parents, and coaches.

Staffing Accommodations

High-capacity sports complexes that offer multiple competitions and sporting events run with a large staff and a full concession. The fields or courts need maintenance, and the equipment to perform maintenance and upkeep gets expensive.

Investing in reusable supplies can mitigate these expenses, and having on-site laundry can help maintain these supplies and support the complex’s demands. Laundry can also support the concession’s needs with reusable cleaning towels or sanitation for the workers. It’s typically more cost-effective to get reusable supplies and launder them than it is to buy disposable ones after each sporting event.

Elevated Travel Experiences

Equipping a sports complex with restrooms is standard practice regardless of location and competition levels. But adding laundry trailers can elevate the experience for all guests and athletes and lend a hand during their time there.

When an athlete travels with their team, they’re away from home and spend lots of time at the complex. This one additional luxury can make their life easier, aid in their sanitation demands, and support their travels with ease.

Adding mobile laundry trailers to sports complexes benefits everyone, and The Lavatory is happy to support these demands. We offer fully functioning laundry units with modern amenities and uniform-safe washing machines. Partner with us today to learn more about how our services can support your complex.