How To Choose the Right Self-Contained Shower Trailer

How To Choose the Right Self-Contained Shower Trailer

When you’re in charge of planning or hosting a large gathering, whether inside or outside, choosing a self-contained shower trailer can increase guests’ comfort and satisfaction. But before you rent portable hygiene units, there are several factors you need to consider. Explore these key points so that you know how to choose the right self-contained shower trailer for your event with confidence and ease.

Consider the Different Types and Sizes Available

The first question to ask yourself is what type of showers will serve your event best. Generally, there are two main types of shower trailers: wet/dry and all-wet. Wet/dry trailers are the most common type and have separate areas for showering and changing, typically with one stall for each. All-wet trailers usually consist of four to eight shower stalls, making them an ideal choice for larger events.

The second factor to consider is the size of each unit and how much space you may need. There are a range of unit types, each with its own size. Depending on the type of trailer your event will benefit from the most, the type and size you select may vary. An ADA-compliant restroom-shower combo trailer will feature a home-like bathroom space with fully functioning amenities and plenty of space. Meanwhile, a two- or eight-station trailer is often larger and may feature private showering stalls.

Do the Features and Amenities Suit Your Needs?

Another big thing to consider before selecting the right shower trailer rental is how well the features and amenities suit your needs. Most shower trailers come equipped with running hot and cold water, user-friendly climate control features, and interior provisions that make the space feel like home.

It’s worth asking the service provider if they also offer additional amenities such as shampoo, soap, and towels. Most often, event hosts or guests will need to provide these items.

The Cost Compared to the Benefits

You want to feel confident in your expenditure when it comes to your portables because they can make or break a guest’s experience. Consider looking at the overall cost compared to the benefits offered when you begin making your shower trailer selections. Renting self-contained shower trailers almost always ends up being the most cost-effective solution, regardless of event type and size.

Event hosts can retain or improve their overall reputation when guests feel welcome, wanted, and catered to with superior services. These are a few of the benefits associated with the rental costs, in addition to basic things such as accommodation, ease, and overall event success.

Units Must Be Safe and Clean

You must take safety and cleanliness into account when selecting a self-contained shower trailer. Make sure to ask your provider about their safety protocols and cleaning process. Ensure you’re receiving units with high sanitization standards so that you can reduce the potential spread of germs. When the units arrive on-site, be sure to inspect the trailers and stalls thoroughly before use and take note of any issues that could potentially pose a risk to guests. During the inspection process, ask the provider any last-minute questions about use or interior controls so that you understand how to use the showers properly and can avoid issues mid-event.

If you skip completing a pre-use inspection, you risk guests encountering uncomfortable situations when they enter the trailers. This is another reason why choosing the right self-contained shower trailer company is a significant decision you shouldn’t take lightly. The wrong provider and a lack of due diligence can hinder guest satisfaction and a positive event atmosphere.

How To Choose the Best Rental Company

Once you decide on the right self-contained shower trailers, you’ll need to find a reliable rental company. Consider these key points when choosing your provider to ensure you get the best service and value for your money.

First, it’s important to research the provider’s reputation and read reviews from prior customers. Ask about their delivery times and fees and if any changes occurred during the rental. Understanding previous customer perspectives can help you understand how well the provider may work for and with you. Consider asking other area event planners if they have any experience with your desired provider as well so that you can learn more about how they handle large events.

The second factor to consider is how well the service provider tends to their units from a maintenance and repair perspective. Find out what type of warranty they offer on their products and if they’re willing to provide you with a written estimate for any repairs that may be needed. While this situation may not be as common, it’s still advantageous to understand the service provider’s commitment to their products and the type of trailer they’re willing to rent. A reputable and reliable service provider will only rent trailers in good, functioning condition to avoid losing out on their reputation as a business.

When you factor in the trailer’s specifications mentioned above and the service provider’s commitment to excellence, you can choose the right self-contained shower trailer and set your event up for success. Most often, the shower trailer is not the only rental you’ll need, so consider inquiring about additional hygienic provisions as it relates to your event’s demands. Additions such as ADA-compliant restrooms and portable laundry trailers may be available and can complete your event’s setup.

With The Lavatory at your side, you can receive the highest quality portable shower trailer rental for all event types and spaces. Each one of our units is complete with modern interior design amenities, ample accommodations, spatial capacity, and optimal user control features for complete customization throughout the event.

We take our time in between each rental accommodation to ensure each trailer receives adequate sanitization and maintenance so that when you receive your rental, it’s in top condition. Don’t hesitate to partner with the Lavatory today to begin planning your next large event. We serve indoor and outdoor events, as well as construction sites, disaster relief, emergency response, and much more. Get your estimate today!

How To Choose the Right Self-Contained Shower Trailer