4 Ways To Keep Your Restroom Trailer Cool in the Summer

4 Ways To Keep Your Restroom Trailer Cool in the Summer

The summer months are exhilarating and jam-packed with things to do. However, when the sun is out, staying cool and comfortable remains a top challenge and priority. Explore a few ways to keep your restroom trailer cool in the summer so that your guests can find comfort and relief.

Consider Taking Advantage of Shady Areas

One of the easiest ways to set yourself and your guests up for cooling success is to take advantage of the shady areas on site. While using shade may not always be feasible, it’s ideal to consider this option first. Setting the restroom trailers in the shade can help them avoid hours of beating, hot sun and help maintain the internal temperature with more ease. It’s understandable that if no shade presents itself, other measures will be necessary to achieve a cooler restroom unit.

Use the Climate Control Functions

With The Lavatory, external measures are less of a concern because our units feature climate control functions. Event hosts and planners can take advantage of these functions and set the internal unit temperature to the desired number.

Positioning the under shade or opening its ventilation slots will help the unit maintain these desired temperatures. But in general, you can expect the restroom attendant to lend a hand in maintaining the overall comfort of the restroom trailer. With the bathroom handled, you can keep your focus on your event and guests.

Open the Ventilation Slots

The vent slots should remain open regardless of external temperatures because this helps circulate the airflow and supports the overall sanitization efforts. Regardless of the event’s shaded areas, an open and functioning vent system will help allow a breeze to pass through. This measure ensures that while the restroom trailer is in use, the user doesn’t feel as claustrophobic compared to if there were no movement whatsoever.

Leave the Door Open When Not in Use

Having a restroom attendant servicing the unit is an excellent way to ensure the unit remains comfortable and safe. These individuals can keep the door open to prevent the unit from trapping hot air, and when a guest uses the space, the attendant can ensure the door is secure.

If climate control is on, leaving the door open may counteract its cooling effects. Consider which method is more effective for your unit and setup.

The Lavatory specializes in luxury portable restrooms with a fully functioning climate control feature and plenty of amenities to keep events and guests comfortable. With our restroom trailers, you don’t have to worry about how to keep the unit cool in the summer. Partner with us today to book your trailers for your next hot event!