Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals in Greenville, CA The Lavatory

Greenville Mobile Luxury Restrooms

The Dixie Fire of 2021 changed everything in Greenville, CA. It destroyed historic buildings and devasted the plans of the Maidu people, who had so recently won legal victories that returned some of their ancestral lands.

But residents of Greenville are working together to rebuild in an eco-friendly way. A new sawmill is going up to turn burned trees into building materials that people can use to reconstruct their homes. Efforts are underway to better manage local forest lands, with the help and knowledge of the Maidu people.

The resilience of Greenville residents is remarkable. And The Lavatory can help with portable restroom rentals that arrive on trailers, equipped with large tanks supplying their water and storing wastes. These restrooms can operate their lights on generator power. They come in by truck and go out again the same way to periodically dispose of waste and resupply with water. All our portable bathrooms need is level ground; then, people and construction workers without convenient facilities can find relief while rebuilding efforts continue.

Even among the devastation and during rebuilding, people can find community and comfort in familiar events, like birthday parties, weddings, and company picnics. Events of all types require a lot of planning, and cause more than their fair share of stress. That’s why here at The Lavatory, we hope to relieve a bit of the pressure of rebuilding and keeping up with community traditions by providing portable restroom rentals in Greenville, CA.

We don’t offer you standard porta potties in Greenville. Instead, we offer you the opportunity to rent stylish, clean, and comfortable restrooms to provide an improved experience for residents, workers, and guests. All of our luxury portable bathrooms come fitted with wood floors, raised bowl sinks, LED lighting, air conditioning, and more amenities to ensure the comfort and the satisfaction of your guests. At The Lavatory we believe that everyone in Greenville should be able to have luxury portable restroom rentals that surpass all expectations.

Our portable bathrooms in Greenville come with either two, five, or nine stations, meaning we can accommodate your needs, no matter how many people need to use our trailers. Our ADA-compliant trailers come with 2 typical and one California ADA compliant private stalls.

Contact us now for more details, and we will work to service your needs, and provide the perfect mobile restrooms to service your event.