Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals in Lodi, CA The Lavatory

Lodi CA luxury restroom rentals

Whether your project or event is large or small, for a few hours or a long term setup, successfully preparing for it involves keeping several important things in mind. Among them is ensuring you don’t have a thing to worry about with your luxury portable restroom rentals in Lodi, CA. With The Lavatory, we can guarantee a worry-free mobile bathroom rental experience.

Lodi’s many festivals and its famed wine production draw thousands of visitors each year, and Lodi is also a favored wedding destination. Preserve Lodi’s charm and maintain the festive atmosphere of exciting events by accommodating restroom needs in a way that doesn’t detract from the celebration at hand. The Lavatory’s luxury bathroom trailer rentals eliminate the dread that comes with anticipating the need to visit a dingy porta-potty. Our luxury bathroom trailers are a pleasant surprise and a substantial relief, with toilets that flush and running water in sinks beneath framed mirrors.

When selecting a luxury bathroom trailer rental for your Lodi, CA, event, the difference between our luxury restrooms and a typical porta potty is day and night. We work to ensure a comfortable and clean environment, by providing porcelain toilets, air conditioning, and many other amenities you won’t get elsewhere. Our luxury bathroom trailers come in a variety of sizes, and you can order them precisely to suit your needs, choosing between a two station, five station, or nine station trailer, and even ADA three station trailers that provide two typical stalls and one wheelchair accessible stall.

The Lavatory is a company that works to provide you with the best possible luxury portable restroom rental experience for your Lodi, CA, event. We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles of trailers for events from 50 to over 500 people. Contact us now for more information, and we will work with you to help ensure that your event is a success.