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Monterey, CA Portable Restrooms

Event planning can be a very complex and layered undertaking. Whether you are planning a small gathering, an outdoor wedding, or anything else that will bring together a group of people, it is likely that you have many things to deal with and decide upon. Porta potty rentals in Monterey, California, may not be the first thing you consider, but it is something that should be taken seriously. The Lavatory is the premier solution for all your luxury portable restroom rentals and more. Each one of our units keeps your guests’ convenience in mind, offering climate control, flushing toilets, and running hot and cold water.

Here at The Lavatory, we work to make sure that you are helped in the best way possible. This starts with making sure you have the right trailers for the size of your event, and your expected attendance. We pride ourselves on our ability to ensure customer satisfaction and are known for our quality and flexibility. This is because we not only offer the most functional portable bathroom rentals in Monterey, California, but we also provide the additional steps and services to create the most luxurious and comfortable experience possible, for both you and your guests. Request one of our restroom attendants when you rent one of our units, and we can guarantee the highest level of sanitization to every guest.

Our variety of services goes far beyond simply offering luxury portable restroom rentals, we aspire to make your life as easy as possible in this area of your event planning. We are the leading portable bathroom rental company in Monterey, and we truly can take care of all your needs. This includes providing you with accommodating units that emphasize luxury. Each trailer is complete with features such as hardwood flooring and raised bowl sinks, as well as heating and air conditioning. We further offer services such as septic care, waste management, and much more. Contact The Lavatory today and we will help you through every step of the process. If you want to guarantee that your guests will be comfortable and satisfied, we are your solution for portable bathroom rentals!