Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals in San Francisco, CA The Lavatory

San Francisco Luxury restroom Rentals

Anyone who is looking for porta potty rentals San Francisco CA should consider a few important things before making their decision. With so many options out there, it is easy to choose wrong, and when dealing with restrooms, there is far too large an opportunity for a bad experience. When looking at which restrooms to rent it is crucial to know the difference between a standard porta potty, or a high-end luxury restroom trailer rental in order to ensure the best experience possible.

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At the Lavatory, it is our desire to make our outdoor restrooms the best they can be. Say goodbye to cramped, hot, and smelly porta potties, and say hello to our spacious, clean, and comfortable restroom trailers. With our porcelain toilets and sinks, air conditioning, and other amenities we aim to create a truly luxurious experience to rival the likes of an at home bathroom. By working to ensure the quality of our restrooms, we elevate the very idea of portable restrooms, and a good restroom can have a large impact on an event or other special occasion. Guests remember various components of their outdoor event, and one of these elements is the bathroom. When an experience in the bathroom is negative, it affects reviews and may decrease the number of returning guests. It can also damage the quality of the experience as a whole. When you invest in luxury portable restroom rentals for your events in San Francisco, CA, you eliminate these issues and bring your guests a comfortable, private restroom experience.

We feature a variety of sizes to ensure all outdoor spaces are accommodated, from two-station restrooms up to nine-station trailers with full ADA compliance. We’ve considered every event type and outdoor space to meet your demands and exceed guest expectations. Each one of our luxury spaces is complete with modern interior design elements, climate control, and at-home style privacy. The Lavatory has crafted each detail to bring the industry’s most luxurious rentals to the market.

We are proud to service the community and provide the use our high-quality restroom facilities for all of their events. To learn more about our mobile restroom rentals for San Fransisco, contact us today or fill out our easy online quote form to get started.