Luxury Portable Restroom Rentals in San Jose, CA The Lavatory

San Jose Luxury Restroom rentals

From guest comfort to venue freedom, the benefits of mobile bathroom rentals are plentiful. One of their greatest benefits is versatility—they’re perfect for a wide variety of events. From short-term events like weddings or outdoor festivals, to the more long-term demands that can come from a construction projects, luxury portable restroom rentals in San Jose, CA, from The Lavatory provide everything you need in luxury bathroom trailer rentals to ensure your guests remember the fun of your event and appreciate the elegance of the restrooms you provided.

Not only can we service any and all of your outdoor restroom needs, with units of up to nine stations, we also can ensure your rentals are properly maintained. Furthermore, we provide a range of amenities and services including air conditioning, flushable porcelain toilets and stainless steel sinks, plus restroom attendants to ensure you and your guests have the best experience possible when they need to use the restroom at your event.

San Jose’s reputation as a high-end destination that’s home to several of Silicon Valley’s best-known companies, as well as film festivals, art exhibitions, and music festivals, precedes it when visitors come to stay. They will expect a major step up from porta potties when they attend outdoor events in the area. The Lavatory provides that high-end experience with our bright, clean, and luxurious mobile bathroom rentals. Your visitors will enjoy your event all the more for the consideration you have shown them by providing elegant restrooms for your outdoor venue that rival any restrooms available within San Jose’s finest hotels.

With our luxury portable restroom rentals, gone is the dread of smelly, dark, cramped spaces of porta- potties. Take a long look at photos of the luxury bathroom trailer rentals we offer. These are quality restrooms as luxurious and comfortable as virtually anything you can find indoors. The only true difference is that our luxury portable restroom rentals in San Jose can go wherever they need to, to elevate the experience of your guests. Contact us today for more information.