The Benefits of Luxury Restroom Trailers

The Benefits of Luxury Restroom Trailers

The excitement of an outdoor event can soon turn to fear for many guests when it’s time to use the restroom. Porta potties can be hot, cramped, and smelly; visiting one is an unpleasant necessity when no other options are available. But there’s a better way for employers and event hosts to provide facilities for their employees and patrons—learn the benefits of luxury restroom trailers.

A Surprisingly Attractive Interior

Guests or employees who have never used one will be surprised—even amazed—at how attractive the interior of a luxury restroom trailer can be. They’re bright and clean, featuring attractive sinks, mirrors, and several stalls to prevent lines from forming in the heat or rain outside. Some have wall décor in the form of framed artwork, and the hosts can enhance the countertops with small vases of flowers.

Instead of a smelly, off-putting hole in a plastic ledge, luxury restroom trailer rentals feature porcelain toilets and running water. They feel more like luxury hotel or fancy restaurant bathrooms than mobile restroom units, allowing users to relieve and refresh themselves in comfort.


One of the main benefits of luxury restroom trailers is their spaciousness. Where porta potties can feel cramped and claustrophobic, luxury restroom trailer rentals feel roomy. These trailers boast individual stalls and plenty of space to stand at the counter and wash hands without feeling like your elbows will accidentally trigger the soap dispenser.

Climate Control

Restroom trailers feature air conditioning or heat, as needed. They provide a welcome respite on a hot summer day, allowing guests to refresh themselves before venturing back out in to the sun.

If your event experiences unexpectedly chilly weather, these trailers are also equipped with heat. Users won’t have to rush just to keep from freezing while they take care of business.

Don’t mar your special event with sub-par facilities for your guests. Consider renting a luxury restroom trailer to provide comfort and cleanliness so they can enjoy your gathering!