The Benefits of Renting Portable Shower Trailers

The Benefits of Renting Portable Shower Trailers

Every day, there arises a new need for a portable shower trailer. Whether at a music festival, an extended stay at a construction site, or the local campgrounds, the luxury of having portable showers nearby suits every event host and attendee.

The decision to invest in a shower rental may come with great debate and hours spent weighing the pros and cons. Here, we discuss the top benefits of renting a portable shower trailer to help bring you closer to making the best decision for your next adventure, work, or play.

Portable Shower Trailers Explained

Let’s take a closer look at what a portable shower trailer looks like and why they’re convenient. As its name suggests, a portable shower trailer is a shower on the go. These unique spaces allow you to take your cleanliness and personal hygiene behaviors with you, wherever. The portable shower trailer is a dynamic experience that combines at-home bathroom amenities and convenience, regardless of location.

When Should You Consider Renting a Portable Shower?

So when do you rent a portable shower trailer? These are the perfect addition for those seeking indoor luxuries while enjoying the great outdoors or other locations where permanent facilities are unavailable. Often, you can find extended stay campers enjoying these units, as well as other individuals who enjoy long road trips, festivals, various construction sites, and much more.

A mobile shower can provide users with the ability to continue their personal hygiene without sacrificing things like hair wash days, shaving, or using the bathroom in silence. This comes in handy for those multiday events or stays where you’re in remote locations with limited resources. The best time to rent a portable shower trailer is any time you take on an adventure that falls into one of the above categories.

Top Benefits of Renting a Portable Shower Trailer

Now that we know the purpose of a mobile shower and the best times to rent one, let’s take a deep dive into their benefits to help you seal the deal.


A primary benefit of a portable shower trailer is how much flexibility it offers. It’s simple to relocate based on demand without hassle. Any open space can accommodate the unit, pending that space is available and your rental company covers that area. The overall flexibility in knowing you can pack up and relocate allows you ease in travel plans while providing the luxury of custom options.


There are some folks out there who struggle with using public restrooms or shower facilities for various personal reasons, ranging anywhere from mysophobia to agoraphobia and claustrophobia. While everyone is entitled to their feelings, the comfort offered in a portable shower trailer can eliminate these issues. The privacy offered in these units can mimic that of one’s home while simultaneously offering flexibility on placement specifications. Even in remote settings, some find it difficult to use the restroom when they’re not at home. A portable shower trailer can solve these problems and help users continue their personal hygiene behaviors in comfort and privacy.


Many mobile showers are eco-friendly, as they accommodate the waste that the units produce and take into consideration the need to dispose of the waste properly. Some units go as far as using only sustainable materials for construction and design features, and this adds to their impact of being eco-friendly. This benefit alone can help users and renters feel at peace about where their waste goes and what kind of impact they are making on personal carbon footprints while traveling.


Renting a portable shower trailer is incredibly affordable at face value, but once you factor in comfort and flexibility features, the affordability factor increases significantly. Compared to buying a unit outright, renting one is the most feasible option for many. Your rental company handles the installation, and you can return the trailer to them at your convenience or within the terms of your contractual agreement.

There are various options available for rent, and each one will offer you different amenities. Factor in your personal needs based on event, purpose, and available space, and then let your budget guide you to the most suitable choice.

The Lavatory’s Top Choices

Here at The Lavatory, we feature a range of options for portable shower rentals. We can rent anything from basic needs to luxury accommodations and everything in between. We also offer ADA-compliant features to eliminate the hassle for those in need. Below, we provide a brief look at the various options available to you through our rental programs:

  • ADA-Compliant Combo. This option features both a restroom and shower that meets ADA standards in the state of California. Inside, you can expect a larger toilet with accommodating handlebars, a shower seat, and a mobile showerhead. Additionally, the sink is fully functional and meets ADA compliance.
  • ADA Private Shower Trailer. Our ADA private shower trailer features the best of both worlds. With one fully functional ADA-compliant shower, you also receive two private shower stalls. This unit features air conditioning and heating for climate control and meets all federal and California state ADA requirements.
  • Two-Station Combo. The two-station combo features two private shower-restroom-sink spaces and features white china foot-flushing toilets. There is exterior and interior LED lighting for each private space and fully functioning air conditioning and heating.
  • Eight-Station Private Shower. Our eight-station private showers are ideal for disaster relief, large camps, or entertainment festivals. The unit houses eight private showers with functioning air conditioning and heating. This unit can connect to on-site septic systems.

When you reach the point in planning your event or experience where you’re considering a portable shower trailer, understand that the amenities offered are well worth your investment. When you can offer guests or yourself the ability to continue personal hygiene habits, regardless of location and purpose, it vastly improves the experience. You give users the peace and comfort of knowing they are safe, clean, and have privacy at their fingertips. Our service area covers Fresno, Visalia, Merced, Utah, and Arizona. Give The Lavatory a call today to learn more about our portable shower trailer rentals!

The Benefits of Renting Portable Shower Trailers