Ultimate Sanitation Rental Guide for Remote Outdoor Weddings

Ultimate Sanitation Rental Guide for Remote Outdoor Weddings

As you look ahead at the year to come, you might have one grand event you’re most excited about. Getting married is a big step, and where reciting those magical vows plays a role in how you start your happily ever after. Each year, the rise in interest in remote outdoor weddings grows rapidly with all the freedom and flexibility they offer to couples and their guests. But you can’t pull off a quality event without proper sanitation measures.

We created this ultimate guide for sanitation rentals to help you plan and execute a spectacular remote outdoor wedding. Let’s go!

The Importance of Sanitation

Sanitation is a critical part of accommodating an outdoor event or space. And when the outdoor event is a wedding with your closest friends and family in attendance, you want them to be comfortable and thrilled with the space and celebration around them. The luxury of renting a venue with indoor climate control and sanitation is not on every bride and groom’s bucket list, and some turn to the great outdoors to bring their visions to life. And sanitation efforts will play a significant role in how well the outdoor wedding comes together for all in attendance.

Setting up restrooms, handwashing stations, and even showers may not seem like a big deal, but in terms of guest accommodation, these things will leave a lasting impression on their experience. Sanitation plays an important role in the health and safety of the wedding, the space, and those in attendance. Without it, you risk everyone’s safety by spreading germs, indecent exposure, and waste disposal in inappropriate locations.

Consider The Sanitation Accessibility

Once you conclude the best sanitation measures for your remote outdoor wedding, you need to start thinking about how accessible these accommodations are. Understandably, you don’t want the portable restrooms next to your food lines or the portable showers near the parking lot. These things matter when it’s time to set up, so consider building the layout into your plans to ensure optimal accessibility and comfort while the facilities are in use.

You also need to factor in accessible water lines for both the restrooms and the showers. If there isn’t water available, the rental company can work with you to find the most suitable solution. If there is water nearby, this may impact how you set up your space. Consider setting up your rental trailers and adjusting your food and reception spaces accordingly. The ceremony’s location should also have clear access to a restroom, just in case.

Are You Accommodating Everyone?

Another part of the accommodation concerns that will play a role in everyone’s comfort is if you’re keeping everyone’s unique needs in mind. There is a notion in the wedding industry that throwing a big wedding is for the guests, not the couple. Whether you feel this applies to you or not, you’re inviting everyone you know and love to a large plot of land to celebrate you and your partner with food and drinks. So, their comfort matters a great deal.

Accommodating everyone means you’ll be accommodating those with disabilities, young children (if allowed), and grandparents or elderly guests. The grounds may be uneven in those remote locations, even if they are the perfect places to say, “I do.” So, consider adding ramps or laying down smooth temporary surfaces to create ease for those needing them. You might also want to partner with the rental company, which can assist you in making these types of accommodations. The Lavatory features ADA-compliant rental trailers, so partnering with us is one step in the right direction.

Consider Minor Decor Around the Provisions

The location and everyone’s comfort are not the only things to keep in mind. With an outdoor, remote wedding, you’ll want all spaces to feel special, private, and on a theme. The reception tent will correspond with your ceremony in some fashion, and the food area and dessert spot will feature more on-theme decor and notions. Consider doing the same thing for all the sanitation areas to give them a more luxurious and inviting feel.

Add a small tent near the portable shower rental that allows guests to store their belongings while they shower safely. Add a bin for dirty towels and a small station that helps them gather themselves post-shower. Your guests may only use the shower facilities the following day before heading home, but you don’t want to forget to accommodate those simple shower needs.

For the restroom area, consider placing photos or memory cards near the trailer, so if any guests are waiting in line, they have something to fill their time with. You might also consider adding decorative lighting for the partygoers who stay late. The restroom or shower facilities will be a short walk from the main reception area, so you don’t want to risk anyone having trouble seeing in the dark.

A few decor ideas that can accompany the sanitation areas include:

  • Floral
  • Lighting
  • Canopies
  • Bean bags
  • Candles

Invest In the Accessories

Planning a remote outdoor wedding does not mean you have to skimp on extras. The budget should go mostly towards overall guest satisfaction regarding the food, proper tenting, restroom and shower rentals, and any activities or entertainment you offer. The rest can go into the accessories and notions that bring the event and outdoor space full circle. These are the items that are small in size but grand in gesture.

For couples who intend to offer a thank you or favor, consider providing different accessories your guests may need or want. When they use the shower trailers, they will need a towel. So, instead of renting or borrowing towels, consider investing in an on-theme towel and having it embroidered with the date of your nuptials or a quote you love.

Another unique idea is to create a “Suds Station” where guests can pick up a small, travel-sized pack of the soaps they would need for the restrooms or showers. You may need to invest a little time and labor into pulling this off, but your guests will appreciate the gift and will need these items during the eventful weekend.

Other accessories you can include are:

  • Robes
  • Slippers
  • Custom hand sanitizers
  • Bar soaps

The Lavatory Can Help

The Lavatory offers one-of-a-kind experiences for each event we service. We know that life’s biggest moments come with a few needs, including superior sanitation rental accommodations at remote outdoor weddings. Let our team lend a hand in bringing your big day together so you and all your guests are comfortable, safe, and satisfied!

Ultimate Sanitation Rental Guide for Remote Outdoor Weddings