Tips for Setting Up Restroom Trailer Rentals in the Winter

Tips for Setting Up Restroom Trailer Rentals in the Winter

Restroom trailers are necessary all year long. In the summer, the setup and take-down are easy, as the weather permits more user-friendliness. Things get tricky in the winter since snow, frigid temperatures, and compliance all play a role. We’ll discuss some top considerations when setting up your restroom rental in wintery conditions.

Location, Location, Location

Where you set up your restroom trailer rental in the winter is the most important thing for user success and reduced stress. Winter weather conditions bring on trying and troubling times. Ice, rain, slush, and mud play roles in basic foot traffic patterns and groundskeeping.

If you place the restroom trailers on soft, mushy grounds, you can fully expect the mud and slush to destroy the trailer’s interior and pose a potential safety risk to the users. Slippery floors can be disastrous. The trailer should be accessible and centralized for everyone.

Take Advantage of Climate Control Features

Something truly unique about luxury lavatories is their climate control features. This contributes significantly to the comfort of every user and plays a part in maintaining overall satisfaction. Accompany every restroom trailer rental with the convenience of an attendant who can stay on trailer grounds and regulate the temperature of the space. Keeping the temperatures higher in the winter can also reduce the risk of frozen water lines in the unit.

Combat Mudding To Remain ADA Compliant

Luxury restroom trailers are ADA-compliant to ensure everyone has access and ease of use. This step is vital in creating an inclusive environment for any event type and ensures attendees can maintain their basic hygiene. Wintery conditions altering the surrounding grounds can hinder the ability to provide optimal ADA-compliant spaces.

By combatting mud with plywood surrounds or additional secure edging, you ensure anyone can access the trailer entry. You must adequately secure all other edges or surroundings to minimize trip hazards for all guests.

Consider Additional Provisions

Accompanying a restroom trailer rental with an attendant can ensure all additional provisions are accounted for and properly used. Rock salt can reduce the risk of ice buildup around the trailer, and the attendant can lend a hand in laying down the salt in all the right places as time goes on.

Another feature to consider when setting up your restroom trailer rental in the winter is exterior mats for users to wipe their feet before and after using the restroom. It’s just one additional step to minimize the mess on the unit’s interior.

The Luxury of The Lavatory

The Lavatory offers luxury and modern restroom rentals with a full inventory of sizes to accommodate a wide range of events and winter demands. Our restroom attendants can ensure your rental is appropriately set up and ready for all users. Partner with us today to learn more!