What Are Restroom Trailers and How Do They Operate?

What Are Restroom Trailers and How Do They Operate?

Restroom trailers, also known as luxury porta potty rentals, are portable trailer units that provide restroom facilities. These trailers often see use in large events or areas where permanent restrooms aren’t available. Though they may seem simple, there’s more to restroom trailers than meets the eye. Below, we explain what restroom trailers are and how they operate so that you can feel confident in investing in these luxury rental provisions.

What Is a Restroom Trailer?

A restroom trailer is a portable unit that contains one or more toilets, sinks, and stalls. These units are typically larger than traditional porta potties and can accommodate multiple users at once. People often use them for weddings, festivals, or large outdoor parties. Restroom trailers can also help on construction sites or in disaster relief situations where permanent restrooms aren’t available.

How Do They Work?

Restroom trailers are self-contained units that require no external plumbing or electricity. They operate using a combination of freshwater and wastewater tanks, as well as a generator for power. The freshwater tank provides clean water for flushing the toilets and running the sinks, while the wastewater tank stores all used water until proper disposal.

Restroom trailers typically connect to a freshwater source and power supply once they arrive in a location. This allows the unit to function just like a traditional restroom, with flushing toilets, running water, and electricity for lighting. Once the event or rental period is over, workers disconnect the trailer and take it away for proper waste disposal.

Why Choose a Restroom Trailer?

When we look closely at what restroom trailers are and how they operate, we understand their primary objectives offer many benefits to renters and users. First and foremost, they provide a more luxurious restroom experience for guests.

With amenities like flushing toilets, running hot or cold water, and climate control features, restroom trailers are comfortable and hygienic options for events and jobsites. Additionally, they offer a home-like atmosphere when in use, so users feel comfortable at events.

Here at The Lavatory, we offer highly sustainable and accommodating luxury porta potty rentals with comprehensive user features. We offer short- and long-term rental agreements in addition to emergency response trailers and disaster relief provisions. Partner with one of our experienced team members today to get started on your rental!