What Size Shower Trailer Rental Do I Need?

What Size Shower Trailer Rental Do I Need?

Providing shower trailers is an incredible luxury many are leaning on in times of need. These unique trailers bring home-like amenities to just about every location. Still, choosing the right size can be difficult for hosts and planners as they question attendance rates and purposes. Here, we discuss the best ways to think about choosing the right size shower trailer and how to navigate these decisions mindfully.

Consider the Event Type and Estimated Size

Your event type will directly impact the best size for a shower trailer. An emergency or disaster relief site will host a large number of people and need to be as efficient as possible. Renting a multi-unit trailer is beneficial in these situations, as it can house many users simultaneously.

In the event of planned gatherings such as festivals or construction sites, you want to factor in comfort and convenience on top of attendance. In these situations, you may aim for a medium-sized trailer with home-like features to enhance the experience.

Understand Your Options

The Lavatory features a range of choices to accommodate every need and purpose. From disaster relief to construction site amenities and everything in between, we cater to a wide range of demands and budgets. Below is a brief look at our accommodating options:

  • Shower-restroom combo with ADA compliance
  • ADA plus two standard showers
  • Shower-restroom combo with two stations
  • Large trailer featuring eight shower stations

Understand Your Water Supply Requirements

Remote locations often do not accommodate a water supply or electrical demands. Understanding the event or space’s existing resources is vital to ensure you have access to the necessary water supply.

The company you rent portable showers from may be able to provide a feasible water tank and generator, but you should understand the essential resources beforehand. If the shower trailer serves as an emergency response device, ensure the supplier is aware and can provide additional resources.

Do You Have a Budget?

When the trailer is not intended to response to a disaster or emergency but instead serves a planned event, you can set a budget and accommodate accordingly. Think of the trailer’s overall value at that price when funding becomes a factor in the equation.

You do not want to base your trailer selection on budget alone and miss out on other luxuries. Consider the estimated event population when determining the best value combined with accommodations.

Understandably, choosing a feasible accommodation can be challenging with flexible attendance or emergencies on the table. Partner with The Lavatory today to learn more about suitable-sized shower trailers for your specific needs.