Why You Need a Restroom Trailer During Home Renovations

Why You Need a Restroom Trailer During Home Renovations

When a home renovation project begins, one element of surprise for the homeowner is how often a crew member asks to use the restroom. And while using the restroom is a part of life, the shock that comes with this common question stems from the fact that the worker is essentially a stranger meandering around the property and possibly trekking dirt everywhere. Here we discuss a few of the top reasons why you need a restroom trailer during home renovations.

Sustained Productivity Efforts

Depending on the home renovation project happening and how extensive the work is, you might hire a contractor crew to complete all or parts of the project. This is great for professional and timely renovations, but if you ask them to stay out of your personal bathroom, they may need to leave the property to find a restroom.

On-site portable restroom trailers can prevent them from having to leave the renovation project entirely while keeping them out of your family’s bathroom. This can ensure your family restroom is usable at all times of the day for your household. It also keeps production moving at a steady pace.

Continued Access to Running Water

Sometimes, bathrooms and kitchens are the two primary focuses for home renovations. But this means you experience interruptions to your water access and hygiene routines. You can save yourself from borrowing a friend’s home for running water by having on-site restrooms.

More specifically, if you’re doing a bathroom renovation and wish to continue showering, fully functioning shower trailer rentals solve the water access issue and offer your entire family a sense of normalcy while the bathroom project is underway.

Maintained Personal Space

Privacy in your home can be challenging when a home renovation project occurs. Hiring professionals for the projects you can’t complete yourself is a great blessing, but having them in your personal space any more than they need to be can be annoying. Renting portable restrooms for them can help prevent dirt from spreading throughout your home and offer you a slight sense of personal space, even during renovations.

For example, the job may only require them to access your kitchen through the garage door. Having them walk through the entirety of the home may interfere with your privacy and leave you feeling uncomfortable, which is a big reason why you need a restroom trailer during home renovations.

The Lavatory’s Solutions

Here at The Lavatory, we specialize in unique restroom solutions that serve families and projects of all shapes and sizes. We understand privacy and normalcy matter even when a home renovation project is underway. Partner with us today to learn about our distinct selection of home-like restroom trailers to accompany your project plans.