Why Your School Needs Portable Restrooms

Why Your School Needs Portable Restrooms

A common issue schools across the country face is sourcing enough funding to meet their growing needs. Each year, more and more students embark on their education journey, and it can be difficult for schools to pop up new structures in a timely manner. With the benefit of a portable restroom facility, schools can maintain these immediate needs without sacrificing their budget.

Accommodate the School’s Growth

Many schools have a growing number of students and resort to portable classrooms to accommodate the expansion. It’s more cost-effective for schools with low funding to offer temporary relief aids than it is to build new, permanent structures.

If your school recently set up new portable classrooms to reallocate classroom sizes, consider adding portable trailer bathrooms to alleviate the burdens on the permanent in-school facilities. You can also set these portable restrooms near the portable classrooms to ensure adequate accommodations for the students and teachers.

Maintain Permanent Facility Sanitization

It’s common for the school’s permanent in-house facilities to experience a host of issues. All possibilities, from basic plumbing to graffiti and everything in between, occur daily in these stalls.

One of the best ways to divert an influx of traffic and reduce the number of incidents is by providing an additional facility on campus. Whether you designate these facilities for faculty-only use or use them near your outdoor spaces, this can help pull the traffic out of the permanent in-school restrooms and redistribute the visits evenly across campus.

Provide Extracurricular Support

Part of the distribution relief you can experience with portable restrooms on a school campus is diverting extracurricular traffic to the trailers. Not only can this reduce the number of unattended trips inside the school after hours, but it can also provide immediate relief around the campus where traffic builds up for events, sports, or other school-hosted activities.

Installing portable restroom facilities is a simple, cost-effective way for schools to maintain their cleanliness and meet the growing demands of the campus. Connect with The Lavatory today to learn more about our luxury, climate-controlled facilities. We offer a range of styles to accommodate a school of any size.