3 Reasons To Rent Portable Showers for Your Summer Camp

3 Reasons To Rent Portable Showers for Your Summer Camp

Summer camp isn’t just for kids anymore, although the traditions of campfires and arts and crafts continue. Adults visit rustic summer destinations, too, as a stress-relieving getaway. Whether you operate an RV campground, glamping site, or traditional kids’ summer sleepaway program, consider these three reasons to rent portable showers for your summer camp.


Old-fashioned summer camp bathroom and shower facilities have a—how shall we put this—rustic, lived-in quality that isn’t always conducive to good personal hygiene. Fastidious kids and adults will make their trips to the facilities as short as possible.

Shower trailer rentals encourage campers to maintain good hygiene after a busy day of sports, swimming, and games. Users will spend the time they need to get thoroughly cleaned up and ready for dinner and a healthy night’s sleep.


After participating in group activities all day long, and anticipating sleep in a tent or cabin full of others, both children and adults need a few moments of privacy. Portable shower trailers provide a private respite for campers to refresh themselves in privacy. Everyone needs a break from time to time, and portable showers provide the privacy many people need to feel safe and protected when performing the intimate task of bathing.

Cleaning and Compliance

Old communal cinderblock camp bathrooms get filthy fast, as they have concrete floors, toilets on one side, showers on the other, and sinks in between. No matter how often you clean them, decades of buildup is nearly impossible to remove.

Modern mobile shower trailers are made to be easy to clean. They’re bright, and typically constructed with materials intended to be easy to clean. The seamless, gel-coated fiberglass surfaces don’t allow soil to settle into cervices, and mop up easily to be ready for the next user.

If these reasons to rent portable showers aren’t enough, consider that in addition to being difficult to clean, historic summer camps were constructed before the Americans with Disability (ADA) Act was passed. Bringing an old building into compliance with laws and regulations requiring accessibility for persons with disabilities is expensive. Renting ADA-compliant portable shower trailers solves that problem cost-effectively. Best of all, ADA shower trailers create a welcoming environment for campers of all abilities.

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