3 Reasons Why You Need Portable Laundry Trailers

3 Reasons Why You Need Portable Laundry Trailers

Portable restroom trailers have graced outdoor events for years, offering much pleasanter accommodations than old-fashioned porta-potties. These mobile bathrooms give guests a needed respite from heat and crowds in summer and a warm place to refresh themselves when the weather at an outdoor event is chilly.

Similarly, mobile showers offer a chance to maintain hygiene under difficult circumstances. But what about clean clothing? You can accommodate those for whom facilities are temporarily unavailable or who are in remote locations with the mobile laundry trailer. Here are three reasons why you need a portable laundry trailer.

Base Camps and Multi-Day Festivals

Scientific researchers often travel to remote areas to conduct exploration, examine the state of the environment, and study flora and fauna. While many of them travel around the globe, others work domestically. These scientists and their crews need places to refresh themselves and their camp clothing. Mobile laundry trailers fit the bill.

Ever since Woodstock, attendees at multi-day festivals have camped on the site. Rolling in the mud has lost much of its appeal, as has running around naked. But clothes still get dirty (and smelly) after a few days of camping out. So portable laundry trailers can also sit alongside restroom and shower trailers to keep things a little more civilized while festival-goers enjoy music, food, and art.


Remodeling or expansion disrupts the availability of institutional laundry rooms. Construction workers must sometimes stay on-site or very nearby without access to home laundry machines. The second of our three reasons you need portable laundry trailers is to serve institutional staff, students, and construction workers. All these people feel the impact of the interruptions major construction projects can cause. Temporary laundry facilities can remedy issues while the work proceeds. Also, oil and gas field workers can benefit from such facilities when in remote areas.

Disaster Relief

When tornados, hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes obliterate housing, those affected think primarily of survival. But along with rescue comes the need to regain some dignity. As clothing donations pour in, grateful recipients will want to give them a wash. And after exchanging the clothes on their backs (which may be all they have) for donated apparel, they’ll want to salvage as much of their familiar garb as possible. Laundry trailers can help.

Homeless service agencies can also use portable restrooms, showers, and laundry trailers to help those in need feel seen again and provide a sense of humanity when dealing with troubles.

The Lavatory offers luxury restroom trailers, but we also supply shower trailers and mobile laundry trailers. Look through our photo gallery and diagrams showing the layout of available trailers. Call us with questions—we’ll be happy to help!