5 Ways To Use Portable Shower Trailers in 2023

5 Ways To Use Portable Shower Trailers in 2023

Before you finalize the event and meeting plans for this year, consider how well you’re accommodating the attendees. Aside from providing a running toilet, food, or drink, you may want to use portable shower trailers. Below, we discuss five types of events or needs that these rentals will suit.

Accommodate the Work Zone

Working on a construction site is not easy, and those who do it deserve praise and respect. Construction crews do vital work on infrastructure, and the conditions are often limiting and uncomfortable.

If you’re a member of management in this industry, consider amping up the work environment for those extended-stay employees by providing portable showers. The ability to properly and peacefully clean up after a hard day’s work changes the employee’s attitude and can significantly improve productivity.

Camping Cleanliness

Camping for any period longer than a few days means a shower will be necessary. Showering while enjoying nature and camping is an incredibly personal decision, but some campers may need these few unbothered showering moments to rinse off and refresh themselves.

Shower trailers provide the same modern amenities as a home without the permanency or a plot of space.

Provide Local Disaster Relief

Disasters can strike a community at any time, and the unfortunate reality is the day-to-day lives of everyone in the area are halted. Another unfortunate fact is life goes on around the affected, which means work and school attendance are typically mandatory.

If a relief organization can set up accessible portable shower trailers for the local community to use in their hygiene routines, going to work or school may not feel as taxing, and they can pick up the pieces of the disaster little by little.

Overnight Outdoor Events

Like extended-stay camping, accommodations for outdoor overnight events are essential. The primary reason for this is some attendees may desire modern amenities, whereas experienced campers generally know what to expect.

Accommodate the overnight outdoor eventgoers with ample provisions like showers, toilets, and concessions to provide as much comfort as possible and earn trust for future event success.

Athletic Accommodations

It’s not uncommon for athletic events to extend over a long weekend, leaving athletes and attendees subject to overnight accommodations. These groups can easily remain near the competition arena by booking a nearby hotel. Long days are in order at the competition site, and returning to the hotel may not be ideal in between games or races.

Placing outdoor shower trailers around the competition space can help athletes maintain their hygiene and keep all attendees at reduced risk of passing germs and bacteria. Wrestling tournaments, baseball or softball complexes, and basketball tournaments would benefit the most from these amenities.

The Lavatory Can Help

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