Tips To Position Portable Restrooms at Construction Sites

Tips To Position Portable Restrooms at Construction Sites

A construction site is home to some of the hardest-working individuals. Treating the area and everyone working there to safe and clean restrooms is beneficial and sanitary for the entire work zone. Where you place these relief provisions matters significantly. We’ll uncover a few tips to position portable restrooms at construction sites so they’re accessible and safe for all.

Keep Them Out of Harm’s Way

You need to place portable restrooms in a convenient location, and they must be out of harm’s way. Consider placing them away from the work site to avoid life-threatening mishaps.

If a portable toilet sits too close to a working crane or reno project and debris lands on the unit, you risk someone’s safety and well-being if they’re occupying it. Think about the primary work site’s location, and place the portable restrooms about 50–100 yards from there, depending on the work site size and project demands. This may sound inconvenient, but it’s better than risking injuries.

Consider Convenience

Placing the portable bathroom too far away or on the opposite side of the primary work site is inconvenient to all workers. You should set them up at a safe distance without forcing workers to travel far in order to relieve themselves. A good rule of thumb is that if they can see the bathroom from the work site, it’s convenient and accessible.

Ensure Everyone’s Privacy

With convenience comes privacy. If the units sit too close to the work zone or a public space, user privacy can feel insufficient. Regardless of the number of units you rent, you’ll want to place them in an area that ensures privacy for all users. It’s also important to consider the genders of your construction team members. You could offer more privacy by separating portable restrooms so that they are not directly next to each other.

Secure Surface Stability

Surface stability is one of the best tips for positioning your portable restrooms at construction sites. Construction sites tend to have uneven terrain, so you’ll need to secure the ground underneath the portable units to ensure user safety. This is especially important if inclement weather creeps in. Strong, gusty winds can topple over a portable restroom that lacks stability.

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