3 Tips for Choosing the Right Luxury Trailer Restroom

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Luxury Trailer Restroom

Before you set your event up for success, you should always consider the various provisions that bring the event and venue space full circle. Things like food, water, parking, and restrooms are always top priorities, and with each of these come even more details and considerations. Below, we take a closer look at the three best tips for choosing the right luxury trailer restroom so that you can pick a service that suits your guests.

Consider Your Event’s Demands

Generally, understanding your event’s demands is going to play a significant role in your ability to choose the right restroom allocation. Once you know how many people may arrive, you can begin looking at restroom stall numbers and provisions. From here, your luxury options expand.

An event with 150 guests can use a two-station trailer that features fine white China, fully operable sinks and toilets, and a full-size vanity. Events with 200 or more will need a five-station or nine-station trailer, depending on average use and event duration. Regardless of these numbers, you can expect each luxury unit to house home-like restroom amenities to make all guests feel welcome, safe, and provided for.

Do the Trailers Offer Handwashing?

A restroom rental without proper handwashing is just a porta potty. While some event hosts and planners are okay with porta potties, a luxury restroom will include handwashing. This can ensure the health and well-being of each user.

Large events can draw crowds of people, and with them come germs. You can do your part in keeping everyone safe by offering luxury restrooms that feature handwashing provisions. Running hot or cold water and soap are essential when choosing the right luxury restroom trailer.

Do the Trailers Meet ADA Accommodations?

Because you want your event to be as inclusive as possible, ask yourself if your restroom rentals meet ADA accommodations. If they don’t, consider choosing another provider. You can also ask your preferred provider about their ADA luxury restroom trailer rentals so that you’re aware of your options. That way, you know you’re making the best investment for your event. Choosing ADA-compliant restrooms can make or break your attendance records now and in the future.

When you work with The Lavatory, you can rest assured that your event and guests are in the best hands. We specialize in luxury, clean, and accommodating restroom trailers that serve a wide range of applications. We know how invaluable the right restroom is. That’s why we offer home-like trailers. For a custom quote or an emergency solution, partner with a member of our team today!