Why Restroom Trailers Are Better Than Porta Potties

Why Restroom Trailers Are Better Than Porta Potties

Have you ever been to an outdoor event where you stood in line, shivering or sweating, while waiting to use the porta potty? You finally relieve yourself and exit the potty to find there are no sinks, and the hand sanitizer ran out several users back. Now, event hosts and creators can put these memories in the past because luxury bathroom trailers are the perfect solution. Let’s explore why these facilities are better than porta potties to help eventgoers relieve themselves in comfort and peace.

A Closer Look at a Porta Potty

The porta potty offers the simplest restroom process regardless of location and event type. And while a porta potty serves its purpose, it’s essential to note that reframing the mindsets of users to accept these restroom facilities with ease can become quite challenging. Some eventgoers go as far as not using a porta potty altogether to avoid germ contact, seat sharing, and cramped spaces.

Porta potties offer unique accommodations to standard restrooms and remain a cost-effective temporary solution. But with the overwhelming number of mixed feelings surrounding their use, it’s advantageous for event hosts to understand all the different options available.

When there is a need for a temporary restroom facility, it’s vital to ensure the overall satisfaction of each user and ensure their experience is well-rounded. Whether they are attending an intimate wedding or festival or working at a job site, adequate comfort is a priority in receiving timely and optimal comfort.

Why a Luxury Restroom Trailer Is Ideal

In any circumstance, offering guests and users a luxury portable bathroom is not only sanitary but also gracious and accommodating. These facilities change users’ opinions about using porta potties, while also offering more modern amenities to provide a well-rounded experience while in the restroom.

An unsightly appearance of a row of porta potties can sometimes send the message that you care about your attendees enough to accommodate their bodily functions but not enough to invest in their total peace of mind. In contrast, the view of a full-fledged, highly functioning restroom facility can be inviting, alleviating, and reassuring. Luxury restroom trailers offer your attendees the ability to relax knowing their needs are being met, even while they attend events and spend time outdoors or at a temporary location.

Features To Consider

The attractiveness and allure of a luxury restroom facility come with several modern features that contribute to its appeal. The price you pay for porta potties is almost always less than that of a luxury bathroom, but not when you factor in the features that luxury bathrooms offer and the combination of elements that make them great.

Now, we will explore some of these desirable features to help you understand precisely why luxury restrooms are better than porta potties.

Overall Capacity Accommodations

In general, you may see a row of porta potties that can accommodate a corresponding number of individuals. But it’s essential to understand that a porta potty will only serve one user at a time. A luxury restroom trailer can help alleviate these usage issues and offer a higher capacity limit per square footage. The Lavatory provides various styles of restroom trailers uniquely designed for different types of events. Once you know the estimated number of users, you can choose a trailer that will accommodate them best.

Regardless of event type and estimated users, each multi-stall trailer will mirror a permanent facility and provide increased capacity limits.

Interior Design Elements

The comfortability of a porta potty is severely lacking in that they are generally hard to move around in and do not offer any other interior design elements besides a toilet and a toilet paper dispenser. Sometimes, there will be an exterior-positioned hand washing station or a wall-mounted hand sanitizer fixture. But typically, these cost extra and become a nuisance to set up.

One of the primary benefits of luxury restroom trailers is that these features are part of the stalls and can provide users with a fully-immersive bathroom experience. Our distinct, well-designed trailers feature beautifully crafted sub-tile, decorative mirrors with large frames, custom LED lighting fixtures, and full-size stainless-steel sinks. Each of these interior design elements helps us offer a dynamic and comfortable experience for hosts and guests to complete their hygiene habits as they would in a standard bathroom.

Climate Control Features

Undoubtedly, the climate control features of a luxury restroom will always make them better than porta potties. A porta potty is nothing more than a boxed-in toilet with four walls, a roof, and flooring. There is mild ventilation on hot days and no warmth on cold days. While you may have temporary protection from the wind, rain, or other outdoor elements, you will not have the luxury of climate control.

Investing in luxury bathrooms means accommodating guests with the ability to cool off or warm up, all while relieving themselves. This experience is incredibly invaluable to eventgoers because they can trust that each time they need to use the bathroom, they will be comfortably relaxed and do so with ease. Additionally, knowing you have climate control on your side gives you the opportunity to set up the restroom anywhere, regardless of weather conditions or unpredictable patterns.

The “Above and Beyond” Concept

There’s an additional layer of “above and beyond” that each user experiences with multi-stall restroom trailers. The porta potty is as basic as it gets. While they serve a purpose, investing in a well-rounded temporary restroom facility can provide overall guest satisfaction and improve their overall event experience.

You want your guests to return home from any location or event with the idea that if they return next year or in the future, they will have an equally pleasurable and comfortable experience. One common complaint for many outdoor festivals, job sites, or sporting events is the situation surrounding the restroom facilities.

If guests had to use a porta potty, they would remember this experience as a run-of-the-mill situation; but if they used a luxury restroom trailer, relieved themselves in a temperature-controlled environment, got to freshen up between activities, and felt adequately sanitized, they would remember these above-and-beyond touches and speak relatively highly of the experience. It’s essential to remember that using the restroom in a new place can make or break someone’s memory of the event.

The Lavatory is committed to providing exceptional restroom experiences to everyone, from hosts to guests. We know how valuable it is to relieve yourself in accommodating environments, and that’s why we offer perfectly-crafted restroom trailers to meet the needs of every user, regardless of the event type. Partner with us today to learn more about our luxurious bathrooms and service locations.