Where Should You Place Restroom Trailers at Events?

Where Should You Place Restroom Trailers at Events?

Guests all over the globe attend events year-round to seek out new experiences, adventures, and memories. And one of the most important things they look forward to and always need, regardless of event type, is a restroom. Let’s explore the most suitable location recommendations for restroom trailers to ensure your guests leave satisfied.

The Importance of Location

Where you place restroom trailers can make or break the experience for all guests at events. They’ll remember core memories, such as what they saw, who they laughed with, and other peak highlights. And they also won’t forget their journeys to, from, and at the restrooms, especially if they’re inconvenient.

If they have to walk miles to use the lieu, more than likely, they’ll share this with friends and family back home. It’s critical to keep in mind the restroom plays a role in overall event enjoyability, so being mindful of its location can help make people’s memories positive. But where is the best location for the restroom trailer?

The Event Center

By considering the event on a large scale, you can identify its center. Depending on the overall nature of the event and how much space it takes up, you may be able to pinpoint more than one event center. Using central points, whether one or multiple exist, can help you draw conclusions on feasible restroom trailer locations.

Many guests will hover over these spots to meet friends, use the restroom, or regroup before finding a new activity. Center spaces serve as the most common ground for finding things at the event and can help guests maintain easy navigation throughout the entire event space.

The Concession Area

When the event center’s too full or you need a secondary option for restrooms, the concession area is also a suitable location. Many guests won’t want to order food or drink immediately next to the place they do their business. But at the same time, having restrooms near an eating area is useful and often expected. You just need to make sure they don’t stand too close to the concession stands themselves.

The concession area also serves as a great place for guests to recall for future trips to the restroom. Placing restrooms there makes them more visible so that people can find them easily. They’ll remember seeing the bathrooms and visit them as needed.

Maintaining Accessibility

Once you hash out the details around where you should place restroom trailers at the event, ensure you do one more check on overall accessibility. Accommodating guests from every walk of life can ensure you meet the event’s needs and receive good feedback about the restrooms.

Things like running water, ADA compliance, and privacy are all noteworthy accessibility features. All guests should feel comfortable on their trips to the bathroom because doing business is a fact of life.

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