Why You Need Portable Restrooms for Your Wedding

Why You Need Portable Restrooms for Your Wedding

Congratulations on your wedding—but now it’s time to get serious. Your guests need a safe, comfortable place to relieve themselves, and we know how challenging this can become when you want an outdoor wedding venue that doesn’t have the most ideal guest accommodation. With a luxury portable restroom rental, you can achieve the wedding of your dreams in that picturesque landscape. What’s more, your guest experience doesn’t have to suffer. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons why you need to rent a portable restroom facility!

Superior Guest Convenience

One of the most fun aspects of a wedding is the reception. And when the drinks start flowing and guests start dancing, they like the ability to access the restrooms conveniently and freely. Nature calls at the most unexpected time, so having the ability to relieve oneself without hassle is nice. Placing portable restrooms in a nearby location can assist guests in quick access without meandering the property if you plan an outdoor or a wedding with a spread-out layout.

You also don’t want to place the restroom too close to the dining and dancing because this may be off-putting to the vibe or atmosphere and make a bad impression on your guests. While most luxury restrooms don’t have a lingering smell, their improper placement can still send an alert to your guests about how close their experience is to the restroom setup. Utilize a convenient location within reason to the general party.

Maintain the Property’s Cleanliness

Chances are, if you have a need for a portable restroom facility, you are using a property that belongs to someone else. It is vital to help maintain the borrowed property’s cleanliness to ensure you leave it as clean as you found it—or even cleaner! For example, if you’re using a family member or friend’s property, you won’t want your guests in and out of their primary residence to use the restrooms. Things can get out of hand relatively quickly, and having mass amounts of foot traffic in and out of the primary bathroom or home can create chaos and, ultimately, a mess.

Do yourself, your guests, and the property owner a considerable favor by investing in temporary outdoor facilities where guests can relieve themselves conveniently without dragging dirt or debris into the residence. And when renting a luxury facility, the space is nice enough that guests have access to fully functioning sinks and flushing toilets. Unlike a standard porta potty with limited sanitization or space, the luxury facility functions like a standard indoor restroom.

Provides Accommodations for Outdoor Weddings

An outdoor wedding is not complete without restroom accommodations. For similar reasons mentioned above, you want guests to conveniently relieve themselves and reduce or eliminate foot traffic in unnecessary indoor spaces. Providing your outdoor wedding with luxury portable toilets is the best way to ensure everyone has fair access to the restroom within walking distance of the main party area.

It’s essential to consider the location of the portable restrooms to avoid deterring guests from using them and hindering your wedding’s theme. But once you place them somewhere convenient, your guests will thank you for providing them with accommodations that keep them enjoying the party and celebrating.

Multi-Unit Benefits for Satisfaction

Now that we know convenience is a significant benefit to your wedding guests, let’s talk about their overall satisfaction. In almost every event or celebration, the restrooms can sometimes be a highlight or lowlight for the guests that attend. Often, attendees remember a positive or negative experience in a bathroom. This is because relieving themselves is a primary component of everyday life, and the ability to relieve oneself in peace, comfort, and total privacy matters a great deal to people.

If the restrooms have poor sanitization standards, no climate control, tight spaces, and grimy toilets, your guests will not only remember this, but potentially avoid making future trips. The ability to completely satisfy your wedding guests through clean, functioning restrooms will give them a good impression of their experience and help them to speak highly of your ability to bring the event together.

Guest Room Attendants Set the Bar High

One of the most unique features of luxury restroom rentals is the addition of the attendant. This individual can set the bar high for overall guest and user satisfaction. The on-site support is an incredible asset because this person represents the rental company and can lend a helping hand to everyone. They help maintain the space’s cleanliness through various sanitization techniques between users and assist in line control if multiple users are simultaneously using the restrooms.

While it’s advantageous to rent a trailer large enough to accommodate everyone to minimize a line, the attendant is in the position of knowing exactly which spaces are available to help direct traffic and keep a steady flow. Partner with your rental company for terms and conditions on facility attendants and how to navigate these services.

Increases Freedom for Venue Choices

A relatively heavy burden for wedding planners and brides is finding the perfect venue. And when you factor in all the small details and how they coexist for the guest experience, many will avoid an outdoor wedding on a beautiful plot of land because of the inability of guests to use the restroom.

With a luxury restroom rental, these venue choices become frontrunners and provide brides and planners with more freedom and flexibility in options. Many think a porta potty will resolve their venue hunt and accommodate every outdoor or private land venue, but these only do so much. Investing in luxury trailers can increase the freedom surrounding an outdoor space and deliver a full-functioning facility to any location.

The Luxury of Working With The Lavatory

The Lavatory is a premier portable restroom rental company ready to serve your wedding. We offer multi-unit trailers with fully functioning toilets, running hot and cold water, climate control, and guest room attendants. We have units compatible with ADA compliance standards. Our restroom rentals feature modern, sleek design elements to accompany every wedding party and theme, regardless of outdoor space. Connect with a member of our customer experience team to learn about our service areas and range.

Why You Need Portable Restrooms for Your Wedding