Reasons To Have Restroom Trailers on a Construction Site

Reasons To Have Restroom Trailers on a Construction Site

Construction work can be hot, dirty, and physically taxing. These are a few reasons to have restroom trailers on a construction site.

Retaining Skilled Workers

Finding construction laborers (especially experienced skilled construction workers) has become nearly impossible. The Associated Builders and Contractors predicts a shortage of 650,000 workers in 2022. That means that construction businesses must do everything they can to retain the workers they have while searching for new employees.

Restroom trailers are major improvements over smelly porta potties. Trailers have sinks with running water, porcelain toilets and urinals, comfortable lighting, climate control, and mirrors. As a result, workers will appreciate the privacy and cleanliness that luxury lavatories provide.


It’s no fun having to use several minutes of your lunch break just waiting for a porta-potty to go from “occupied” to “vacant.” Mobile restroom trailers can provide up to eight stations, making waiting in line a thing of the past.

Mobile restrooms have waste tanks with far greater capacities than porta-potties. That means you won’t need to interrupt restroom availability as often to maintain service.

Safety and Compliance

Workers who need immediate relief can’t wait for a porta potty to open. They may spend time hunting around for a public restroom near the construction site.

Restroom trailers reduce the risk of workers relieving themselves in some corner of the job site. This creates health and safety hazards you can avoid.

Depending on the size of the job and the number of workers at the site, providing toilet facilities is likely a requirement of federal OSHA regulations, plus state and local laws.

The Americans with Disabilities Act also requires accessible restroom facilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires employers to accommodate workers with disabilities. You may have administrative employees who work in a trailer equipped with computers and phones who get around using mobility aids like wheelchairs, scooters, canes, or walkers. You must accommodate these workers with restroom facilities that have ramps, wide doorways, and grab bars. ADA-compliant luxury rental restroom trailers ensure your work site fulfills laws requiring facilities for disabled workers.

Having restroom trailers on a construction site simply makes sense to show you care about your workers and to keep the job on schedule, allowing workers to make the most of their breaks and lunch hours. They’ll come back refreshed and work more productively when there’s a comfortable restroom trailer available.

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