Questions To Ask Before Renting a Mobile Laundry Trailer

Questions To Ask Before Renting a Mobile Laundry Trailer

Nowadays, renting anything can be challenging, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. After you muddle through typical verbiage and contractual agreements, you may have concerns, questions, or comments that you’ll need to address to ensure your rental process is smooth. The same applies to mobile laundry trailers, especially when renting them for a community or an emergency need. Use this list of common questions worth asking before renting a mobile laundry trailer to ensure you feel satisfied with your rental experience and trust your provider.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Mobile Laundry Trailers?

Understanding your rental expenses compared to your intended rental budget can make or break your ability to obtain the right rental. If you’ve allocated a set amount of funds and your rental is below that amount, consider using the remaining value to invest in extras for the users. Use your best judgment regarding the rental’s purpose to decide the type of extras you’ll invest in. You may want to consider laundry supplies or an additional rental. If you rent multiple trailers, ensure each unit follows the same guidelines to maintain user consistency.

Is There a Minimum Rental Window?

Some service providers require you to rent their provisions for a minimum amount of time. While this works for those who see this through, not every service provider has the same minimum requirements. If you only need the mobile laundry trailer for the weekend, but your service provider requires a five-day minimum, they may not be the right fit for your needs. Consider whether extending the rental would push the costs outside of your set budget.

Are There Discounted Rates for Long-Term Rentals?

At the opposite end of the spectrum, sometimes you can receive a slight discount on your mobile laundry rental by extending the agreement long-term. If you initially needed a 10-day rental, but you can receive a discount at 14 or more days, consider adding days at the beginning and end of the original timeframe. This change allows you to accommodate the users and buys you time at the end of the contract to ensure the units are clean, all while providing a discount.

What if I Need To Extend My Rental?

Extending your rental can create a little bit of a challenge, depending on your service provider. But a reputable provider such as The Lavatory understands that things happen, and rental terms aren’t always black and white. If you reach the end of your rental and find you need it for a specific amount of time, partner with the provider and explain the situation. They will re-formulate your original estimate and contract to meet the new demands and ensure your services remain intact.

Are They Easy To Set Up and Use?

One of the most significant questions to ask before renting a mobile laundry trailer is how easy the setup and usage are for all involved. Difficult use defeats the purpose of the rental. With The Lavatory, we ensure the setup is easy so that you can focus on assisting users through the trailers. Users can enjoy the washer and dryer as they would their own appliances. That said, they should adhere to common public courtesy standards to maintain efficiency between loads or users. The person in charge of the rental experience can create rules for users to follow to make things easier.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment To Use the Trailers?

A full-service provider will only offer rentals that feature everything you’ll need to use the trailers, including mobile laundry units. If you don’t have an accessible water source, reputable service providers can supply a water tank with a set gallon value. You may want to ask about the location you’re looking to hook up the units beforehand because some providers can find and use the nearest water source without hassle. Ensure you provide information about the area or location you’re looking to place the laundry trailers so that your provider can give you an accurate assessment and fair rental estimate. They may also be able to provide advice on where to position the trailer.

How Much Space Does the Trailer Take Up?

The physical location the trailer will sit on may not be the first thing on your mind, but it does matter for the users and the rental provider. It’s important to understand how much space the rental units will take up so that you know how well the units will serve your needs. If you’re relatively short on space but know you’ll have a lot of users, partner with the provider to find a feasible solution that serves everyone. Professionals with years of experience have seen all types of situations, so it’s always a good idea to partner with them to find solutions.

What’s Included in the Trailer?

Understanding what your rental and the trailer include can give you direction on what else you may need to do or invest in to help the users. Your rental’s intention will set the tone, but the trailer will do most of the work. For example: if you’re renting the units for disaster relief, land and water are non-issues. The units will supply everything you need except laundry accessories for everyone. The Lavatory’s laundry units feature eight high-capacity industrial washers and dryers, a large basin sink, a custom folding table, and a fully functioning HVAC system for optimal comfort. But if you know the users may not have soap, dryer sheets, or laundry bags, consider using what’s left in your budget to offer these things inside the trailer.

With The Lavatory at your side, your portable laundry trailers are a phone call away. We are happy to answer any of your questions or concerns so that you can get your rental underway without worry. Our company values the need for superior quality services and reliable units, and our trailers exceed expectations. Additionally, we use proper sanitization measures in between each contract and ensure each washer and dryer is running up to par. Contact us today for your custom quote!

Questions To Ask Before Renting a Mobile Laundry Trailer