Understanding Permits for Mobile Showers and Restrooms

Understanding Permits for Mobile Showers and Restrooms

Renting portable personal health units comes with fine print and a few extra steps to ensure legality. Mobile showers and restrooms are no exception to this rule, so you should obtain legal permitting before installation. We’ll dive into understanding permits for mobile showers and restrooms so you know who to call and what steps to take for your units.

Consider if the Location Is Private or Public

Understanding if your rental location is private or public will point you in the right direction from the start. If the space is private, you have more opportunities to set up your rental units. However, a public space means you might have to jump through a few hoops before occupying it.

Private properties include land you own or borrow from the owner with permission. Public locations, on the other hand, include public parks, community centers, state parks, or anything owned by a governing body. A permit may be necessary if you intend to set up mobile showers and restrooms in a public space.

Private Provision Demands

Private property provisions require you to ask permission from the owner or make room if you are the owner. Suppose you’re hosting an event on your private property and want to prevent attendees from using the restroom in your home. Renting portable units for a private property can mitigate foot traffic through the residence and direct everyone away from your home toilet. No permits are necessary for these situations!

Public Provision Demands

A public function hosted on public property will almost always require you to obtain permits before you can set up the restrooms or showers. The permit ensures the units are up to public health and safety standards.

Public events require permits for hygiene solutions in order to prevent the spread of germs or illnesses. While permits alone cannot stop this from happening, they can ensure the host or planner meets the necessary requirements to ensure everyone’s well-being.

Confirm With Your County

If you need to obtain a permit or you’re unsure if you’ll need one for your rental units, you can confirm all this information with your county clerk’s office. They will either help you obtain the permit or help you understand why you may not need one.

Don’t skip this step, especially if you need a shower trailer rental. Showers bring an extra layer of privacy and require a water supply, so the permit will ensure the showers meet public health standards for the event.

At The Lavatory, we can help you understand all you need to know about permits for mobile showers and restrooms, given your demands. Partner with our reputable staff to get started on your estimate and event needs!