Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Portable Shower Trailers

Mistakes To Avoid When Renting Portable Shower Trailers

Any time you’re hosting an outdoor event, whether big or small, you want to ensure overall guest satisfaction. While many will expect a functioning restroom, providing something like a portable shower trailer can bring the experience to the next level. But you want to try to avoid these mistakes below.

Not Meeting ADA Requirements

Every event, regardless of demand and size, will need to maintain a certain level of ADA compliance when providing accommodations. You don’t want guests to fall dissatisfied with a lack of ADA compliance because you forgot about it or didn’t plan too thoroughly. By meeting these specifications with the shower trailers, you can ensure all guests can use them and feel comfortable.

Ordering Too Few Showers

Understandably, one way to cut a financial corner is only renting a limited amount of shower trailers. But the issue with this is you run the risk of not providing enough access or overusing the few you have.

If you’re unsure of the final number of guests or feel worried about running into this mistake, you should partner with a trusted and reputable portable shower trailer rental company. Its experts will be knowledgeable on matching showers with user estimations.

Unsuitable Shower Trailer Locations

A relatively common mistake many make with renting portable shower trailers is deciding on a suboptimal location for them. You want to avoid this because if the shower is not accessible or in a suitable area for the event space, you risk dissatisfaction or a lack of use altogether. You can ensure optimal event placement by using a space near other restroom facilities or focusing on the center of the event space.

Forgoing Enhanced Security Measures

Whenever you invest in supplemental provisions where guests are in and out, bathing or sanitizing in any capacity, you want to consider general safety. Without enhanced security measures in place, guests feel insecure about the use of these accommodations.

In the event of an emergency, the appointed security can bring immediate attention to the matters and call for assistance in a timely manner. Generally, enhanced support and safety near the shower trailer can bring guests more peace of mind.

Renting From an Incompatible Supplier

One of the mistakes to avoid when renting portable shower trailers is ordering the trailers from an incompatible supplier. You can avoid this mishap by partnering with a trusted and reputable supplier that services the specific event location and understands the water supply demands for each trailer.

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